Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Your bathroom on your fingertips!

"roca smart bathroom indiaartndesign"

You can now control your bathroom behaviour with an app!

Taking the bathroom to an all new level, Roca introduces Smart Toilet Collection equipped with an In-Wash® technology designed for ultimate comfort and exceptional hygiene.

The range (available in four variants in India) boasts of iconic designs and outstanding functionalities like auto open seat covers, heated seats, auto flush, the night light and flushing options that can now easily be controlled with an iOS app from an iPhone or an iPad. The deodorizing D-Rim technology cleans the nozzle before and after each use, killing 99% of bacteria and ensuring the most advanced hygiene.

The unmatched In-Tank Soft Air Vortex technology ensures optimal flushing under all water pressure conditions and guarantees optimal cleaning around the bowl.  

Info & Images: Courtesy MSLGroup

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