Saturday, January 28, 2017

‘LessThanFive’ chair

"Less than 5 chair steelcase indiaartndesign"

The ‘LessThanFive’ chair designed by Steelcase and British designer, Michael Young is sleekly designed, lightweight and can be adapted to varying environments... 

Global leader in office furniture and innovative workplace solutions, Steelcase redefines artisanal vision of craft by launching the chair - a perfect blend of three crucial elements -Design, Functionality and Materiality, which translates into visual appeal, flexibility and comfort that allows users to easily reconfigure their workplace surroundings.  

Defining a modern approach, the chair exhibits light weight and flexible technology, fabricated as it is from carbon fibre. Weighting less than 2.3kg (5 pounds), it can support 136kg. Being stackable, it conveniences mobility and storage. The chair is customizable and is available in six different standard finishes.

Info & Images: Courtesy Steelcase

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