Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Paper Brick: the new breakthrough!

"Paperbricks Li Xiao Ming indiaartndesign"

Product designer, Li Xiao-Ming of Arch Studio has recycled paper pulp into paper bricks as the new building material... 
Paper is a kind of material with characteristics of both commonality and speciality. However, it becomes a new challenge to present it in a special way through solidification treatment and moulding. Therefore, the property of paper and brick is conflicted through casting, from presenting, developing to strengthening. When the paper is presented in a brick shape, it is weak but strong, soft but hard. Constructing is like rebirth. "Constructing" means taking a chance to re-construct the recycled paper pulp, which mostly known as a waste. The waste pulp with light weight but big shape can be re-constructed into high density material, which turns to be a new building material for research.

Characterised by qualities viz., load-bearing, easy bricklaying, waterproof, environmental protection and applicable indoors and outdoors, the paper brick has high compressive strength and medium breaking strength. It comes in a size of 42 x 21 x 7cm

Info & Images: Courtesy SunshinePR

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