Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Safety in the home

"DND Airmax studio ABD indiaartndesign"

Studio ABD Design Services Pvt. Ltd. designs a closed coil diffuser that gives a modern feel to an age-old, indigenous solution...

Even with modern-day advancements in mosquito repellent technology, a large chunk of our country still relies on the inexpensive, rustic Mosquito Coil. The DND Airmax Coil Diffuser is designed as a  as it boosts the mosquito coil’s performance.

A fan beneath the coil spreads fumes in a 360° span, while the grill pattern breaks the fumes down, making them invisible. The DND Airmax runs on a battery, allowing you to use it outdoors (where it’s needed the most), and also comes with a cable for charging or plug-and-use applications.

Info & Images: Courtesy Studio ABD

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