Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Ceilings

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If you’re looking for an awesome ceiling with an absolutely exquisite finish – the solution lies in RhythmScapes™...

RhythmScapes™ Extreme Art Ceilings is the most dynamic successful metal and wood finish ceiling system in existence and comfortably affordable. A concealed suspension system, it has panel sizes (width of approx. 1’ to 4’; length: 2’ to 10’; weight: 1.5 lbs per sq. ft) to match the visual scale of any space.

It includes optimum acoustics, is light weight for easy handling and reduced load, has full accessibility to above-ceiling services, and integration with lighting and other ceiling mounted fixtures. Sustainable and perfectly attuned to the load-bearing capacity of structures, it is affixed using the aircraft suspension system for best results.

Info & Images: Courtesy RhythmScapes™

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