Saturday, September 9, 2017

Funky Chef!

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Get ready to have fun with your daily necessities and savour the taste of a creative mind! 

On a mashing mission to make mashed potatoes. That is out of this world. There’s nothing scary about the Bigfoot. He’ll help you toss and serve your salad and then perhaps sing you a ballad. Don’t let the pretty eyes fool you, the spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re planning a spaghetti dish, this noodly master will grant your wish!

Let Nessie guide you deep into the plot, and when you stop she’ll save your spot. A legendary read is guaranteed! Any other vampire would run a mile at the sight of garlic. But not Gracula - one twist of his head and he will crush your garlic to smithereens

All this and more by designer Lilach Eytan

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