Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The modern jhoola!

"swing hustawka indiaartndesign"

Who said the chairs must have legs and stand on the floor? Comfortable seat can also hang from the ceiling! 

Swing is an example of high quality and minimalist design, as well as an incentive for fun and movement, at rest. The simple and functional design makes the swing a beautiful addition to any apartment. Raise your swing so that it creates homemade stories. At the same time, it will fill you with joy and elegance! 

Use of special hardware is recommended with a minimum load of 400kg. -Rekomendowane same load swings to 120kg maximum 

The overall dimensions are as follow: 
External diameter: 110 cm 
rim width: 12.5 cm
Depth of seat: 33.5cm 
Thickness: 28mm High-quality finish, oil based vegetable oil and beeswax from OSMO.

Info & Images: www.kosicka.pl

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