Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Häfele’s flawless ‘System M’ by FritsJurgens

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"System M by FritsJurgens hafele indiaartndesign"

‘System M’ is the new Pivot Door System by FritsJurgens, which can dramatise any space…

Thanks to the patented system of high-performance dampers that operate in seamless coordination, while hidden entirely in the door, System M provides an unrivalled experience, where the opening of a door is as light as a feather and the closing is as soft as a whisper.

Besides this, the new system is extremely rigid and indestructible. Rigorous testing has shown that even after one million cycles (similar to 136 years of daily use) System M still behaves flawlessly. 

Furthermore, all FritsJurgens pivot door systems are fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door so no structural elements are required in the floor and ceiling. 

Info & Images: Courtesy Häfele India
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