Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Responsibly back to nature!

"StudioNienkeHoogvliet mourn indiaartndesign"

Studio Nienke Hoogvliet introduces a new type of urn to reduce the negative impact of toxins and nutrients to prevent soil and groundwater pollution. 

Ash scattering fields and graveyards are becoming a threat to our environment. In the project ‘MOURN’ they redefine the concept of an urn as a storage device for cremation ashes. It’s no longer a vessel. By mixing PHA with cremation ashes, an object is formed that can be given back to nature as a whole; regulating toxins. 

Because not every type of soil has the same needs, three types of soils are distinguished: over-fertilized soil, rich soil, and poor soil. The urn has three distinct types of shapes depending on the compactness, type, and quality of the soil. This way, soil can process the substances at its own pace. 

MOURN impacts local flora and fauna as little as possible. Hence, you can give yourself or your loved one back to nature in a responsible way.

Info & Images: courtesy www.nienkehoogvliet.nl

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