Tuesday, January 23, 2018

An unusual piece of furniture!

"reel atelier oi indiaartndesign"

Sink into the soft and familiar comfort of thick yarn – into the comfort of Reel!

Swiss architect trio at Atelier Oï considered the soft comfort of thick yarn as a starting point to design Reel and have transformed a simple object into a striking project. Playing with geometric complexity, a polyethylene thread that forms a graphic weave in a single material, with a strong visual impact has been used as the only material to be moulded into an object. Placed on a black painted aluminium frame, it winds thick black polyethylene fibre threads string like a ball, making ottomans and table bases, if you like. Atelier Oï has created a series of ottomans that can also be used as small tables.

Info & Images: Courtesy bebitalia.com 

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