Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Find your inner peace!

"sifflu smarin studio indiaartndesign"

French design studio Smarin can help you find your inner peace via a mechanical sifflu that teaches you to breathe correctly…

The sifflu is a pipe – a simple and elegant object to practice daily breathing exercises. It allows you to simply increase the respiratory capacity of the muscles of your mouth, abdomen, and diaphragm. The idea is taken from an observation of individual breathing habits. In smokers as well as non-smokers, one observes bad ‘mechanical’ habits, that involves inhaling a lot, too much, and not exhaling properly, not enough, or rapid breathing.... all this creates tensions and sustains stress. Hence, it's learned slow and steady expiry has many positive physiological effects.

This simple technique promotes well-being through the good mechanical use of the body, and the deepening of self-knowledge.

Info & Images: Courtesy smarin.net 

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