Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rest in Pee: the disposable paper urine bag!

"rest in pee disposable paper urine bag indiaartndesign"

'Rest in Pee' is the world's first UV sterilized disposable paper urine bag designed to address your nature calls.

"Rest in Pee" is a pocket urinal which comes very handy regardless of the given situation; travellers, pregnant women, patients of arthritis, back pain, joint pain, paralysis, diabetes, urinary incontinence, physically challenged people and bedridden or old people can easily use it. When you got to go, all you need to do is empty the contents of the enclosed sachet into the urine bag and you can pee directly inside the bag. 

The sachet contains absorbent powder which converts urine into the gel within seconds thus it prevents the leakage and spreads fragrance too! Above all it is UV sterilized and safe to use. The bag has capacity of holding 800 ml of urine; thus, one can use one urine bag for two or three times in one day!  

Cost: Rs.169/- for 3 bags. Call / Whatsapp / skype: +91-7265000003
Email: restinpeeindia@gmail.com

Info & images: www.restinpee.com

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