Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Be a Batman - beat CoronaVirus!

"be a batman penda architects for coronavirus indiaartndesign"

Chinese architect Sun Dayong of Penda Architects conceptualises a wearable space device - Be A Batman, to shield individuals from epidemic coronavirus.

The shield effectively isolates us outdoors to ensure safety. The ultraviolet radiation network on the surface of the device can heat up to sterilize the surrounding environment, turning contact into a way to kill, rather than spread, the virus. 

A PVC film is spread across the shield. It's a foldable device that opens automatically on contact with the outside world. The design follows the bionic design principle, taking bats as the prototype. The prototype is inspired by Batman - a hero who fights evil to save the world. The architect and his friends gathered to work on this Creative Cure (CC)project that aims to promote the development of public health in a designer’s way. 

Info & images: penda architects

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