Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Handmade Electric Bikes

"Avionics electric bike indiaartndesign"

The AVIONICS VM handmade electric bike captures the thrill of flying high while riding on solid ground.

Blending minimalistic features into a retro style reminiscent of the 1930s, these two-wheelers boast an unparalleled spirit sure to turn heads as they speed by. Created exclusively for the M.A.D.Gallery, the AVIONICS VM is limited to 52 electric bikes, numbered accordingly, each arriving with a certificate of authenticity.

Designed as an environmentally friendly alternative free from noise and exhaust, the sweeping lines of the sturdy frame are made with chromium-molybdenum steel, an incredibly strong and corrosion-resistant material, and chrome steel, a standout colour produced specifically for this collection. Integrated into the frame is an ergonomic seat using leaf spring suspension to provide a smooth ride and a notable design element. Accents are handcrafted from Jatoba wood and the sleek wooden chest located at the bottom of the frame confidentially houses the battery, immobilizer, and electrical components, protecting them from weather and dust while simultaneously adding a touch of class with old-school leather straps. From the saddle and grips to the headlight and fork covers, these hardwood features are exquisite.

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