Tuesday, April 7, 2020

NOVEL: Instant Fever Indicator

"novel IR scanner paul Sandip indiaartndesign"

In the wake of the Corono virus pandemic, designer Paul Sandip creates an IR thermal scanner to meet the primary demand of identifying an ill person…

The basic premise is to segregate probable corona infected patients from a huge number of people. Despite current technology, even the first level of detection is time consuming as one has to check the body temperature, decipher the reading and then decide further as to who needs to be quarantined. 

Attempting to solve this primary stage with a quick, easy and affordable solution, Paul presents NOVEL – which simply speeds up the first level of detection and segregation. Just by looking at the colour of the indicator one can decide who needs further check-up and who can be allowed to go. Since there is no reading, the simplicity of NOVEL makes it a product for the common masses; also making this device usable by people who are not trained medical practitioners.

The product aims to bridge the gap between medical and surveillance personnel and as Paul deems, can be used in future too to detect illness amongst masses.  

The product is patent pending and awaits to be picked up by a mass manufacturer for quick and cost-effective deployment pan-India.    

If you are a medical device / diagnostic instrument manufacturer, for licencing opportunities contact Paul Sandip on 9899795867 / 9899455867  

Info & images: www.paulstudio.in

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