Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Revolutionary World-Time Watch

"1919 Globetimer UTC PorscheDesign indiaartndesign"

This new world-time wristwatch from Porsche Design sparks enthusiasm with a winning combination of radically simplified functionality and optimized legibility of the displays.  

At first glance, the 1919 Globetimer UTC from Porsche Design looks like a classic chronograph, but two push buttons on the right side of the case give the wearer a world-time feature that allows the time to be changed in an instant. When entering a new time zone, the buttons set the hour hand incrementally forward or back. The date changes automatically in both directions, whereas the home or reference time continues to be shown by a second hour hand and a twenty-four-hour display.

A day/night disc serves as an a.m./p.m. indicator, helping the wearer set the time for the correct half of the day in the new time zone.  

The time-zone mechanism, combined with the sophisticated push-button operation, is unprecedented in the world of watches. 

Info & images: www.porsche-design.com

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