Tuesday, August 4, 2020

When the bathroom tile plays showstopper!

"Kajaria tiles indiaartndesign"

Trends in bathroom tiling have fresh diktats. Kajaria tiles fit the bill….

Both, for the floor and the walls, accent tiles are in vogue. Again, based on the design style that the home or office purports to establish, one can opt for 2-dimensional tiles that create an element of intrigue or go chic with matte finished minimalist options.

These tiling options tend to redefine high fashion. Available in various sizes and in a combination of exciting colours and designs, they make the perfect style statement for your home.  Highlighting features include: strength and durability, high flexural strength, stain proof, scratch and abrasion resistant with almost 0% water absorption.

Info & images: https://www.kajariaceramics.com/

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