Saturday, February 4, 2017

Micro Concrete Earrings

"elements 2 studio material immaterial indiaartndesign"

Designers Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis of Studio Material Immaterial bring the built form into wearables…

Form, light and shadow are the quintessential elements of a space that deepen our perception of its boundaries. Together they come as one to form these micro concrete pieces called Elements.

Each piece of the Elements collection is an individually complete form. Conceived as a set of earrings that suit any attire – formal or informal, they weigh approx. 2g (net) and come in the dimension 12mm x 12mm x 13mm (W x D x H).

Using a material palette of concrete and sterling silver, the earrings make excellent conversation starters, intriguing one's imagination.

Info & Images: Courtesy Studio Material Immaterial

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